Friends of the Distillery

We proudly support the following organizations and friends, along with others. Please check them out to learn more about their causes.


This innovative three-phase program, targeted towards combat veterans suffering from PTSD, redefines the relationship between challenge and purpose.


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Montana Land Reliance

Since 1978, The Montana Land Reliance (MLR) has partnered with Montana’s landowners to permanently protect agricultural lands, fish and wildlife habitat, and open space.


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Montana Special Forces Assocation Chapter 28

Special Forces Association 28 Members and Sponsors serve through education, training, and support for all members of Army Special Forces.


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Talons Reach

Talons Reach offers our nation’s SOF warriors an opportunity to find sanctuary, mindfulness, and access to the tools and resources necessary to accelerate their path to recovery through our carefully tailored TRF Program nurturing personal growth and self-discovery.


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Big Sky Bravery

Big Sky Bravery is founded on the belief that we owe a debt of gratitude to the members of our military’s active duty special operations forces whose bravery and selflessness allows us to live in a safe and free America. Their post-deployment decompression programs help participants reconnect to themselves, their families and their communities.


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Wild Land Fire Fighter Foundation

Wildland Firefighter Foundation’s main focus is to help families of firefighters killed in the line of duty and to assist injured firefighters and their families. We honor and acknowledge past, present, and future members of the wildland firefighting community, and partner with private and interagency organizations to bring recognition to wildland firefighters.


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Mohawk Outdoors is a community for people who love the outdoors and want to help our combat/wounded veterans.


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War Party Ranch
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Montana Distillers Guild

The Montana Distillers Guild is a group of small-batch distillers and their supporters, dedicated to promoting this fast-growing industry representing a perfect triangle of manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism.


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Anthem Snacks

Anthem Snacks is a premium meat snack company based in Bozeman Montana. Founded by a former Green Beret, Anthem Snacks is dedicated to giving 10% of profits back to veteran and first responder organizations.


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Warriors & Quiet Waters

After years of paying service to our country, post-9/11 combat veterans have a new critical mission: finding their purpose in civilian life. Warriors & Quiet Waters empowers post-9/11 combat veterans and their loved ones to thrive and live purpose-driven lives through peak experiences in nature, meaningful relationships, and a sense of community.


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Willie Blazer

Title: CEO/Founder

Favorite Drink: Bighorn Bourbon on the rocks.

Favorite song to drink to: Rooster.

Most unusual job you’ve ever had: Special Forces.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up: Chuck Norris.

Three words to describe working at Willie’s: Whiskey is smooth.