Barrel Calving

February in Montana is calving season. For ranchers across the region, there is little sleep, much anticipation, and work to be done around the clock. Often, the most active time for labor is the dead of night in the coldest of temperatures. I grew up looking forward to February, because it meant we would have orphaned and premature calves in the kitchen needing warmth, care, and feeding. I have two older sisters and a younger brother, and we were allowed to stay up late (sometimes overnight) to coax these helpless creatures to survive into their first days of life. Armed with blankets and giant bottles, we would snuggle around the tiny, frail animals and whisper encouragement.

After a few days, they are up and about, frolicking in the fields, butting heads and joyfully chasing one another. They pair off with their mothers (adopted and otherwise) and grow in the strengthening sunshine of each day.

Spring is almost upon us.

Bee Sting:

2 oz Honey Moonshine

Top with Lemon SanPellegrino

Garnish with a fresh raspberry.