Shiny Penny Copper Still

We recently had a few days of downtime due to a late grain order, so we decided to use that time to scrub up the still. When it’s polished, the still is nearly blinding with how shiny it is. In the few days following polishing, it usually turns bright magenta, then back to a silvery copper. So pretty.

This is our production crew in hot action from left to right:

Terry – He’s our lead distiller and production manager and all around happy guy. He is super fun to be around and is always the voice of reason. He came to us from Minnesota and makes fun of anyone who says Montana is cold.

Jaymie (in the back) – Our former on the road brand ambassador, he has decided to take a step back from the constant travel and help out in production. He is a wealth of knowledge, so next time you see him make sure to ask hard questions.

Grady – A Geophysicist by trade (read: smarter than everyone here put together), Grady is now content to distill, bottle, label, and climb into the fermenters to scrub them out every day. He doesn’t say much, but when he does it’s pretty dang funny