MDA Recognizes Willie’s Distillery for Homegrown Spirits

ENNIS, Mont. — Continuing the focus on expanding value-added agriculture opportunities to allow producers to capture more of the value they create, the Montana Department of Agriculture visited Willie’s Distillery in Ennis, Montana to highlight their use of Montana grain, local community impact, and their focus on creating high quality spirits.


“Montana is largely an export state where a large majority of agricultural commodities leave as raw goods. At the department, we want to highlight those businesses that are investing in infrastructure to create a finished, ‘100% Montana’, product and hope that it inspires other
businesses to do the same,” Director Clark said.


Image Courtesy of the Montana Department of Agriculture


Willie’s Distillery (Ennis, MT) was established in 2010. Founders Willie and Robin Blazer set out to create a brand and develop products that embody the independent spirit and authenticity of the American West while supporting its local farmers, economy, and residents. By leaning into the character of their small hometown and emphasizing local ingredients, Willie’s Distillery has become considered to create some of the best Spirits in Montana. Additionally, Willie’s has grown to be the third largest local employer in Ennis, MT. Their local impact is undeniable and has become known as, “one big family.”


Image Courtesy of the Montana Department of Agriculture


“I look forward to seeing other ag businesses inspired by stories such as Willie’s, take it into their own hands to innovate,” said Director Clark.


The Montana Department of Agriculture congratulates Willie’s Distillery on their success thus far and wishes them the best in 2023.


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