Willie’s Distillery was established in 2010 with a simple goal in mind: create a brand and develop products that embody the independent spirit and authenticity of the American West while supporting its local economy and residents. Founders Willie and Robin Blazer showcase the character of their small hometown with local ingredients and regional flavor in what’s considered to be some of the best Spirits in Montana.


Willie, originally hailing from Appalachian moonshine country in western North Carolina, is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces and U.S. Forest Service. He served as an Army Ranger, Special Forces Medic, Hotshot Wildland Firefighter and Smokejumper. Robin, being raised on a grain farm in southwest Montana, brought a strong business development and marketing background along with her Montana roots. Her work serves as a testament to Montana’s prohibition-era history of a female-driven spirits industry.


Rest in peace Robin Hensley Blazer, Matriarch of the Distillery (11/24/1975 – 1/27/2022)


At Willie’s Distillery we use a custom-made copper pot still from Bavarian Holstein, a family-owned company that has built world-class spirit stills since 1958.


We mill, mash, ferment and distill corn, barley, oats, and rye on-site, and produce spirits using ingredients such as molasses, honey, cream, chokecherries, apples, and the best water under the big sky. Just ask our trout.


We run with a very hands-on process. Every batch is different. We taste and select only the best parts of the spirits, the hearts.


The majority of a whiskey’s flavor comes from the barrel aging process. We only select the best wood for our barrels using several sizes ranging from 10 gallon to 59 gallon. Our process of blending and marrying these barrels to the perfect taste is something we take very seriously. Our mountain climate; temperature, humidity, and elevation are ideal for aging whiskeys and brandies. All of our spirits are nonchilled filtered.


In the last decade, we’ve grown to become Montana’s premier destination distillery. Our stills produce some of the state’s bestselling Montana-made spirits. As was the case in the early days of the Distillery, we still produce, bottle, label, cork and pack all of our spirits by hand. We’re independently owned and operated. Our facility captures a fading piece of Americana; we put that undying Americana spirit in a bottle.


Our team takes pride in not only hard work but quality over quantity.

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