Montana Moonshine

Montana Moonshine is made with three grains and gently distilled to bring out the full flavor. It is what whiskey looks and tastes like before it goes into a barrel. Smooth, sweet and strong, Montana Moonshine is the perfect mixer. Use it like vodka or whiskey and you can’t go wrong.

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Montana Moonshine Spirit Information

Montana Honey Moonshine

Montana Honey Moonshine is made with three Montana grains and a special kind of molasses – kind of a whiskey and rum hybrid. It is lightly barrel aged and sweetened with local honey made by the same bees that pollinate the crops, apple trees, and flowers sold at the Ennis Farmer’s Market. Smooth and sweet, Montana Honey Moonshine is meant to be sipped on the rocks or mixed in your favorite whiskey drink.

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Honey Moonshine Spirit Information

Snowcrest Vodka

The smoothest vodka you’ll ever taste! Distilled from corn, polished through charcoal filters, and blended with pure, clean mountain water, this vodka will take you to the mountain top with its smooth start, crisp body, and sweet finish. 

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Snowcrest Vodka Spirit Information

Bighorn Bourbon

Bighorn Bourbon is the perfect blend of varying ages of fine Bourbon. Named for the Majestic Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram, this smooth spirit is perfect sipped on the rocks or mixed in a favorite cocktail.

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Bighorn Bourbon Spirit Information

Devil’s Brigade Whiskey

This Whiskey is a blend of American Bourbon and Canadian Whisky, just like the ratio of men assigned to the Unit. This is our way of honoring the Bravery and Valor of this Joint American-Canadian Commando Unit who fought with distinction. The Legacy continues with current American and Canadian Special Operations Forces who trace their lineage and heritage to the “Forcemen.” Please visit devilsbrigadewhiskey.com to learn more about this spirit. 
A portion of each sale is donated to the Montana Special Forces Association “Devil’s Brigade Chapter” which is a Non-Profit Veterans Service Organization based in Montana. www.SFA28.org

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Devil’s Brigade Spirit Information

Willie’s Genuine Canadian Whisky

Canadian Whisky has always been an important part of history in the North American Rocky Mountain west. Cowboys, Loggers, explorers, miners, trappers & Pioneers have all enjoyed the rugged wildness of Canadian spirits.

Along with our pristine Montana water, we are proud to bring you the best of what generations have known – Genuine Canadian Whisky.

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Huckleberry Sweet Cream Liqueur

Montana is known for its native, sweet & juicy Huckleberries. Growing wild in sub-alpine regions and sought after by bears and birds alike, a bucket of huckleberries is always a hard-won prize for the not so faint of heart. We hope you love this sweet cream liqueur as much as we do.

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Huckleberry Sweet Cream Liqueur Spirit Information

Coffee Cream Liqueur

There’s a place in these parts high up in the mountains called Cowboy Heaven, which is known for clean air, beautiful sunrises and amazing coffee made over the campfire. Our cream liqueur brings forth the full flavor of cowboy coffee in this time honored tradition.

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Coffee Cream Liqueur Spirit Information

Wild Montana Chokecherry Liqueur

Chokecherry Liqueur. This is sweet and slightly tart like the native chokecherries that grow in the Montana foothills. The Chokecherries are locally harvested in the surrounding area by us and our friends – some were even gathered in our back yard. Drink Wild Montana Chokecherry Liqueur after a meal or on a hot summer day over ice. It is also excellent with a spritz of soda water.

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Chokecherry Liqueur Spirit Information

Limited Edition Spirits

Raspberry Apple Brandy

Our unique Raspberry Apple Brandy was created with fresh raspberries and apples picked out of the Flathead Valley. This brandy was fermented in Missoula, Montana, before we distilled and barrel aged it for four years in our seasoned Bourbon barrels. We kept this full-bodied brandy at 100 proof to maintain all the fruit and bourbon flavors distinct with each taste. Only available for purchase in our Tasting Room.

Eau De Vie

French for “Water of Life,” Eau De Vie is distilled from fruit and is usually colorless with faint flavors. After we distilled our Eau De Vie from fermented Sauvignon Blanc grapes, we aged it for four years in French Limousin oak barrels. This created a brandy with a warm color and flavor profile containing dry Sauvignon Blanc with hints of oak. Only available for purchase in our Tasting Room.

Tobacco Root Rye

Distilled from 100% American rye grain and aged in American white oak. Only available for purchase in our Tasting Room.

They say the smaller the town, the more time slows down. We’re ok with that because you just can’t rush perfection. That’s why we can’t predict when our aged whiskeys will be ready. We’ll let you know.
Made in Ennis, MT

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