Cocktail Recipes

Montana Moonshine
Used like Vodka, Whiskey, or Tequila, you can’t go wrong!

Moonshine Mule
2 oz Moonshine
Cock ‘n Bull Ginger Beer Fresh Lime Juice
Pour all ingredients into an ice- filled copper mug. Squeeze in a fresh lime wedge and enjoy!
Download Our Favorite Moonshine Cocktails below!
Favorite Montana Moonshine Cocktails

Montana Honey Moonshine
Montana Made!
Three Montana Grains, Fresh Molasses, light aging in oak, and a kiss of Local Honey Make this the most sought after spirit in Montana!

Old Fashioned
1 1⁄2 oz Honey Moonshine
1 tsp cherry juice
Orange Slice & Splash of Soda Fill your favorite glass rocks glass with ice, add Honey Moonshine and Cherry Juice. Splash in a bit of Soda and squeeze in orange slice.
Sip and Enjoy!
Download Our Favorite Honey Moonshine Cocktails below!
Favorite Honey Moonshine recipes

Snowcrest Vodka
Snowcrest Vodka pays tribute to a wild and remote mountain range in Southwest Montana. Home to wolverines, grizzlies, lynx, wolves and perhaps a yeti. This smooth and subtle vodka made with pure Montana water is the perfect mixing spirit.

Montana Bulldog
2 oz Snowcrest Vodka
1 oz coca cola
2 oz Willie’s Coffee Cream Liqueur Serve over ice
Download Our Favorite Snowcrest Vodka Cocktails below!
Favorite Snowcrest Vodka Cocktails

Bighorn Bourbon
Bighorn Bourbon is a superior Blend of varying ages of fine Bourbon. Named for the Majestic Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram, This smooth Spirit is perfect sipped on the rocks or mixed in a favorite cocktail.

Bighorn Bourbon Ginger
2 oz Bighorn Bourbon
Cock ‘n Bull Ginger Beer Over Ice, combine the Bighorn Bourbon and Ginger Beer.
Spicy and delicious!
Favorite Bighorn Bourbon Recipes

Canadian Whisky
The popularity of Canadian Whisky goes back to prohibition bootleggers. We are proud to offer this famous spirit, with roots from the Chicago speakeasy to high mountain cowboy camps. Generations have enjoyed it, and with our pristine mountain water we bring you the best.

1.5 oz Willie’s Genuine Canadian Whisky
5.5 oz ginger beer
1 oz orange juice
squeeze of lime
Mix over ice, garnish with a sage leaf or orange wedge.
Download Our Favorite Canadian Whisky Cocktails below!
Favorite Canadian Whisky Cocktails

Huckleberry Sweet Cream Liqueur
Whether you’re sipping it on the rocks, mixing it in a warm beverage, or layering it in a drink, you will thoroughly enjoy the fruits of our labor. This delicious liqueur is guaranteed to please.

**Always add the cream liqueur last**

1 Oz. Honey Moonshine Club Soda
1 Oz. Huckleberry liqueur Serve over ice
Download Our Favorite Huckleberry Cocktails below!
Huckleberry Sweet Cream

Coffee Cream Liqueur
There’s a place in these parts high up in the mountains called Cowboy Heaven, which is known for clean air, beautiful sunrises and amazing coffee made over the campfire. Our Coffee Cream Liqueur brings forth the full flavor of Cowboy coffee in this honored tradition.

**Always add the cream liqueur last**

Ultimate Coffee
2 oz Willie’s Coffee Cream Liqueur
1 cup premium coffee
Download Our Favorite Coffee Cream Liqueur Cocktails below!
Favorite Coffee Cream Liqueur Cocktails

Chokecherry Liqueur
Native Montana Chokecherries Picked by
our Friends and Neighbors transformed into a sweet liqueur perfect for mixing or drinking alone.

Sphinx Mountain Sunrise
2 oz chokecherry Liqueur top with Orange Juice.
Add all over ice and enjoy!
Download Our Favorite Chokecherry Cocktails below!
Favorite Wild Chokecherry Liqueur Cocktails

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