Willie’s Distillery is a small batch distillery located on Main street in picturesque Ennis, Montana, right on the banks of the fabled Madison River. The people in Ennis, MT, are some of the best folks in the world, and we wanted to provide them with the best spirits.


Our goal is simple; make world-class spirits, support the community, and support other small and local businesses.


  • Located downtown of small-town Ennis, Montana
  • Live Music on Fridays
  • Gift Shop / Gift Selection
  • Tasting Room Tours
  • Exclusive Spirits line up
  • Sit and Sip experience; multiple cocktail selections
  • Weekly specials

The Madison River is known as the Blue Ribbon Flyfishing capital of the world. It’s an ever-vibrant action attraction in America’s northwest that brings people from all over America and indeed the world together.


Experience the thrills of fishing in one of the most captivating locations in America, surrounded by like-minded individuals from around the globe. Learn the true spirit of conservationism from the locals and explore some of the age-long Ennis, MT traditions that have made it the citadel of the original American spirit.

Ennis is home to hunters, fishermen, ranchers, small business owners, teachers, health care workers, service people, families, and retirees. Most of us who live out in the beautiful mountains want to enjoy them as much as possible. We fish, we hunt, we hike, we raft and more.


This area inspires passion, and we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. We are a community of independent people who share a great passion for excellent spirits, the outdoors, and our community. We love showing tourists and people worldwide our way of life and why we love it.


Nearby you’ll find the Yellowstone National Park brimming full with tourists, especially during Summer. Summers are hectic, but in winter, time slows down a bit and the community enjoys cozying up in tasting rooms, conversing and bonding together.

Willie Blazer

Title: CEO/Founder

Favorite Drink: Bighorn Bourbon on the rocks.

Favorite song to drink to: Rooster.

Most unusual job you’ve ever had: Special Forces.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up: Chuck Norris.

Three words to describe working at Willie’s: Whiskey is smooth.